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Part of the Moksha Festival

This discourse has been a much awaited event for Avant as we take the next step into analyzing the greatest Indian epic of our time. The Moksha trilogy has served as a platform for such analysis to come to life but doesn’t everyone have questions and unanswered mysteries about the events/characters of the Mahabaratha? We explore the different distinct characters of Mahabaratha all in a new light. Be treated to an eye-opening experience as we learn more about Mahabaratha. Some topics of Interest includes

Discourse - The relevance and impact of Gambling through the game of dice. We all know that the Game of Dice has been known as the pivotal turning point for the Pandavars and Kauravars. In this discourse, we will explore the rationale behind this incident and its impacts on the Kuru clan.

Discourse - The impact of Polygamy in Mahabharatha and the relationship of Draupadi/Panjali with 5 brothers or PanchaPandavar. We all do wonder how Draupadi, later one named Panjali, was accepted in those days. Was Polygamy a norm? Has the interpretation and understanding of Polygamy changed over time? Did it have an impact on the Pandavars? If not, were we only hearing one side of the story?

Discourse on Mahabaratha and its teaching values against the relevance in appreciating it today. Why do we call Mahabaratha, the greatest epic of our time? It’s simply because the themes, values and lessons learnt in this epic are timeless. This timeless creation has its relevance even in our modern world. How so? We shall explore.

"Please take note that we would need a minimum of 10 participants for each session so as to confirm the slot. Thank you for your understanding."

Sep 22 - Sep 26, 2014
[ Mon ] - [ Fri ]
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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Goodman Arts Centre
MF 6: 22 Sept 7:30pm - 10:30pm
[The relationship between Arjuna and Draupadi]
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MF 12: 23 Sept 7:30pm - 10:30pm
[Values and Virtues in Mahabharatha and its relevance today]
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MF 24: 25 Sept 7:30pm - 10:30pm
[The relevance and impact of Gambling as depicted in Mahabharatha]
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MF 30: 26 Sept 7:30pm - 10:30pm
[The impact of Polygamy in Mahabharatha]
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